Incredibilis Animalibus - Summer Colective 2023

Art is sensitivity and also generosity.
In this sense, it becomes impossible for all those involved in the artistic chain, from artists and gallery owners to consumers of different artistic expressions, not to feel fascinated with the Animal World and its diversity. The unique characteristics of each animal, the details, the ways of life, the determined struggle for survival, cannot go unnoticed by human sensitivity and, since the beginning, admired by Man. Not everything is rosy but “at the end of the day” the sensitivity of Art not only exalts the extraordinary Animal World but is incapable of not being generous towards it.

The collective exhibition "Incridibili Animalibus" is proof of that sensitivity and generosity coming from those who live Art, from those who live Illustration. A tribute, in the form of a5 illustrations (risographs), to the Animal World, its virtues and difficulties, but also an alert to what, dangerously, can be considered infinite but which is threatened every day.

It is not surprising, therefore, that this exhibition is part of the already traditional “Summer Collective”, which Ó! Galeria performs every year, in August, since its foundation, it has registered the greatest participation ever in this initiative. There were 91 illustrators, national and foreign, established and new talents, who could not remain indifferent to the challenge: to take to the letter the idea that Art is sensitivity and also generosity; putting talent at the service of the Animal World, not only through its exaltation and awareness, but also by donating part of the earnings to institutions that, in practice, help to maintain and conserve animal welfare.

Too Ó! Galeria will do its part, not only in organizing the exhibition and publicizing all these fantastic works, but with the donation of 5% of the proceeds to “Cantinho da Milu”, a non-profit Animal Protection Association based in Setúbal. As for the illustrators who, in addition to offering their talent and part of the work, were invited to donate funds to other animal defense institutions with whom they identify and we are sure that, once again, everyone will accept the invitation and, again, confirm the maxim: Art is also... generosity.