Paula Bonet

When seeing one of her illustrations one just can stop and ask oneself which hands did those wonderful portraits.It is amazing because it has passed just 4 years since Paula started to draw. She was born in Vila-real (Spain) in 1980 and coursed Fine Arts at Universidad Politecnica de Valencia. She completed her art studies thanks to a few grants at Santiago de Chile, New York and Italy. Since 1994 her style was oil painting but her impulsive character made her to change the brushes and paintings to Indian ink, water colours and pens.

Her illustrations have been published in: Diari Ara, El País, Revista Kireei, Revista Calle 20, Ling, ESCAC, RACC, Caràcters.

Her mural paintings can be seen at: Hotel Alberta (Barcelona), Restaurant Gratallops (Tarragona), Deuvedés Videoculb (Barcelona).
She also imparts workshops about visual rhetoric and illustration (Libreria La Central de Barcelona, Ó! Galeria de Porto, Libreria Mequierovivir de Pamplona, Wabi Sabi Gallery de Sevilla, La Nau Oliva de Figueres).

She has executed the illustrations and scenery for the musical “T’estimo, ets perfecte, ja et canviaré” directed by Elisenda Roca, the poster for the theatre play “La Carnisseria” (Marta Solé), the typography for “Animals de Companyia” (Estel Solé), illustrations for the english musician Jacko Hooper, for the French Baden Baden and for the catalan Inspira.

Her illustrations have been part of Nike, Médicos Sin Fronteras and Absolut Vodka actions.

She lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.