She draws inspiration from many sources, from Romanian folk art, Naive Art, Portuguese tiles, to naturalistic illustrations of plants, but her work always has a very personal dimension - from her recollections of dreams, to illustrated diaries and memories of childhood and family life. 
"The Imaginary Life of" is no exception, the multitude of characters present in this new body of work, being nothing more than alter egos of the artist, which reflect her constant searches and moves from one place to another. Thus each character embodies a dream or aspiration of the artist - either the need to establish in a safe and cozy home, or the compulsion to leave a place in search for another, or even dreams of death. The pieces have a dreamy, reflective feeling, and bring together influences and elements from real places Aitch lived in or traveled through, or imaginary, ideal places that she aspires to touch - from folk floral and animal patterns from Romanian carpets, azulejos from the streets of Lisbon, exotic animals, Oriental patterns, to imaginary personal objects she designs for her dream home.