Anne Brugni

Anne Brugni, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.
She works with paper, ceramics and sculpture, and published 3 children books, "Bonjour" (2014) , "Chemin" (2017) and "Festin" (2021), ed articho, and a pop up book "Plat du Jour" (2019) ed les grandes personne.

Her work has been presented internationally in artist run spaces, galleries, cultural centers & museums in Belgium, France, Japan, Sweden & China. Two monograph publications have been dedicated to her artistic practice: "Metamorphoses" by Shelter Press, France, 2015 and "Vie Immobile" by Knust Press, Netherlands, 2021.
In 2020 Brugni & Zicmuse, the author of all her books, created a spectacle of "Bonjour" with live music & projected image construction, for which they received the prize of the Minister of Culture of Belgium.