Elisa Munsó

Elisa Munsó studied fine art and illustration in Barcelona, ​​reading books as a way of remembering her, so as not to forget anything that she has seen. What she has given to give from forgotten family photographs and others found, from other times, endowing people with a new life, another opportunity to exist.
Her daily life, people, urban landscapes invented or real, using ink, collage and sewing to compose her drawings.
Self-published travel books and stories and more she created El Diluvio Universal editions together with the graphic designer Xavier Labrador.
In September 2013 there is a studio-gallery in the Barrio de Gracia, Barcelona.
She has collaborated in fanzines like Tricorñio Collective or FPDV de Francia, and in publications like Demo_0 of Crea Intermèdia Producció.