Giulia Pastorino

Genoa, 1991
After completing her diploma at the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti in Genoa, Giulia Pastorino left her native city and moved to Urbino to study Illustration, completing her specialist studies at ISIA. 2016 marked important milestones for Giulia: she was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition of Bologna Children's Book Fair and won the "Tapirulan" prize. In 2017, Korea again selected her for the "Nami Island International Concours". She is part of "Pelo magazine" and exhibits in several cities in Italy. She had a solo exhibition, "Zonzo", in Lisbon and, using a work developed for a book, she created a discovery path for children at the Museum of World Cultures in Castello d'Albertis.  Giulia’s first works were published by Telos and Matti da rilegare. In 2020, her works, accompanied by the texts of Elena Levi, were accepted by the Florence-based publisher Clichy.