Hélia Aluai

Born on Sal Island, Cape Verde, in 1973.  

Her passion for the visual arts started very early, supported mainly by her mother, self-taught painter.
She started her artistic training in 1992 in Escola Secundária Soares dos Reis, and in 2000 she finished the degree in Fine Arts / Sculpture in FBAUP; She just finished her Master’s in Architecture in Escola Superior Artística do Porto. 

She currently dedicates herself to, among other activities, illustration, set design and interior design. Among her recent exhibitions and projects, she highlights «Nós somos quem sois», presented in Clube Literário do Porto in 2009, from which arose a set Fontinha» - installation in Fábrica Social, Fundação José Rodrigues. 

She was part of «Musao Porto», in Vienna, Austria, invited by the gallery Sputenik the Window.

She received in 2000 a mention in the fine arts competition of young artists of Espinho.

In 2011 she was awarded with the Acquisition prize from the XXV Art Biennale in Vila Nova de Cerveira.

She lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.