Jose Roda

Cornellà de Llobregat, 1987.
After graduating in Audiovisual Communication with a postgraduate in Graphic Design applied to Communication, José A. moves to Madrid in early 2013, where he slowly regains his drawing habit, making it his way of life.
The simplicity of forms and strokes, primary colors and a friendly tone are the most distinctive features of his work, which revolves around portraiture almost in its entirety.
Roda gives birth to his creations by hand, digitally, through paint, with cardboard, ceramics, wood or fabrics; procuring playfullness and fun both throughout his work process and as a final result, regardless of technique or means used.
He has worked for brands such as Estrella Damm, Coronita, Bacardi Group ... Showing his work in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Mallorca... Some of his pieces are sold in various national stores and he has recently begun to sell outside Spain.